Baked Phenolic Resin (HERESITE)

Baked phenolic resin coatings are used for HVAC-R and Radiator Coating for corrosion control and lining systems.

Heresite Coating

Sandmans RCD is one of 11 P-413 applicators worldwide, one of six in the United States, and the only applicator in the North East.

Can accommodate for units as large as 18′ 10″

Large heresite project

Application through flood, spray or full tank immersion

Can be used for:

  • Marine/salt air environments
  • Waste water/sewage plants
  • Chemical and refinery operations
  • Swimming pool environments
  • Heat exchangers (finned tube, radiators, charge air coolers)
  • HVAC-R coils (finned tube and microchannel)
  • Fume handling equipment
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