We can configure our process to meet your specifications for Teflon coating requirements.

Coating large items with Teflon
Sandmans Can Coat Large Items with Teflon up to 18′ long

Our facility has the availability to process any volume of material, from the smallest of units to units up to 18′ long. Maximum unit size will be dependent on dimensions and weight.

Our operation can process high volumes of small pieces with our pin-line batch processing, making us the perfect coating partner with major manufacturing entities across the United States.

What is Teflon?

Teflon is a non-stick and low friction fluoropolymer coating that provides a dry film lubrication , toughness and abrasion resistance. This coating can be used for most machined and non-machined units used in a manufacturing or industrial setting.

Teflon is baked from 325F to 600F and can be applied to smooth, clean metal. It stratifies during baking, which makes it incredible durable.

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